This book jacket is a proposal for a book by a famous Nobel Prize winner and Colombian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was a book I was reading at the time. The book is about a man who falls in love with a woman while they were young. He writes her letters every day for years as their love was a secret. After she matures and rejects him, gets married, has children and lives her life, he stays in love with her and tries to win her again. 

I used symbolism from the book to illustrate the jacket. The colors are tropical and reminiscent of Colombian paintings. The red is used as a standout color that also represents love and passion. The letters he writes turns into a parrot. This is a reference to a scene where a man tries to capture his parrot in a tree and it is just within reach, but is unable to attain. Therefore the bird is a symbol for his love for the young woman in the book. 

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