Hi! ​​​​​​​
I'm Valerie Villa and I'm a graphic designer with 5+ years of experience doing what I love. My strengths are designing for web and print but I see design as more of a user-centered process that can be applied to just about anything. I'm currently at Gems, a floral marketing agency that creates brands and programs for mass-market grocery chains like Albertson's, Publix, HEB, to name a few. This involves branding design, social media and email marketing, packaging design, and in-store signage. I'm curious, open to constructive feedback, and like learning new things.
Apart from my passion for design and problem solving, I enjoy binging TV shows on streaming services and reading a good fiction book (currently trying to get through the GoT series, help.) Love exploring new cuisines and food spots around town on the weekends and I try to get some yoga in to keep it all in balance. 
TL;DR: Graphic Designer. TV shows/Books. Foodie. Yogi. 
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