I'm a recent graphic design grad and Junior Graphic Designer at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I'm currently part of a team that works on print flyers, banners, apparel, tablecloths, floor stickers, and e-flyer for all the clubs and student organizations here. The content is a range of themes and styles as it relates to each club's logo, branding and subject matter. This creates a creative environment where each project is a problem to solve and the design becomes a solution that meets the marketing objective while adhering to the student organizations target audience and branding. 

     Apart from my passion for design, problem solving, and art, I enjoy binging TV shows on streaming services (currently Brooklyn 99 and Silicon Valley are some faves) and reading a good fiction book. I like to try out new restaurants and food spots on the weekends and try to get some yoga in to keep it all in balance. 


Recent College grad. Jr Designer. TV shows/Books. Foodie. Yogi.